Our People


Principal & Senior Property Manager

Thank you so much for visiting us here at Rental Trends! Rental Trends offers you the opportunity to experience the difference. That difference is our exceptional customer service and the benefits of being associated to a property management specialist office.

As Principal, I have over 15 years experience in the property management arena and due to having held positions such as a portfolio property manager, departmental manager and business development manager I have gained the experience for the essential foundations to build my business.

Rental Trends business model is based on years of experience of what others are doing unsuccessfully. I chose to do the opposite of what I was seeing and hence my unique and innovative concept developed to become what is now Rental Trends. Rental Trends offers each and every customer the experience of being treated as a V.I.P. This is because we value your business and we work towards offering you an experience that is based on performance, honesty and always delivering what we promise.

When you engage Rental Trends as your specialist property management service you are guaranteed of not being lost in the crowd. I am so very passionate about providing my customers with a service that exceeds what other agents are only prepared to offer.



Sarah began her career in March 2015.  Over the past 18 months she has been training and learning all the fundamentals of property management.  Sarah is shaping up to be a vital and integral part of our team.  Sarah’s enthusiasm and professional manner ensures that she will be highly effective in her role as property manager.

Sarah is a reliable member of staff who always acts in the best interest of her valued clients, willing to go above and beyond to ensure the best outcome is always achieved.  With her great attitude in every situation and her strive to succeed in all tasks, Sarah has proven to be a vital member of the Rental Trends team.



Aimee began her career with Rental Trends as a part time Saturday morning receptionist.  She is moving on into a permanent role as she has displayed not only an interest in property management but also great potential in the area.  Although Aimee is the quietest of the team she is friendly and very amiable.  Aimee is a great asset in reception.



Due to a strong work ethic, perseverance and determination Greg’s success in to-days competitive real estate market was guaranteed.

As a sales manager for 26 years in the motor industry Greg brings to the business well learned negotiation skills.  Most importantly, Greg is personable and shows great integrity, decency and honesty in his dealing with Rental Trends clients.

Although Greg’s role in Rental Trends is diversified his knowledge of property management and all that is associated to the industry is extensive.  He works in many aspects of the business be it maintenance, routine inspections, leasing property or selling property, when there is an issue he is the “go to man.